Search Assignment Management & Collaboration Made Easy

Still using paper and excel to manage your search assignments? Make the switch to our online Project Management Tool built by and for Executive Recruiters. Systemise and manage your optimal search process in one place. Easily collaborate with your team and with your clients!

Complete Control

Managing the numerous elements of multiple search projects simultaneously is a crucial part of an Executive Recruiters job. With OpusPro you know how things are progressing at all times. Need to keep some details of the project private? No problem, just use our privacy feature. Away from your computer but need to stay connected to your assignments? We’ve got you covered  with our mobile access.


Visualise your assignments

Always know where you stand. Using OpusPro means you and your team can plan ahead, and track progress in real time. Tailor your workflows with checklists, deadlines, reminders and visual tracking features to keep you on task.

Expertly manage multiple assignments

Create visual milestones, schedule email and text message reminders. See time sensitive priorities at a glance. You’ll never miss a deadline or best practice task again!


All Your Search Assignment Management In One Place

Real time collaboration

Real time notifications mean that each team member and/or client knows when the assignment has been updated with anything important to them. Different people touching different parts of the search? Our team collaboration features mean that productivity is not affected.
Add value to your clients by including them in the search and working in true partnership, as an extension of their business.


Advanced privacy options

There’s always going to be information on a search assignment that only the search firm are privy to. Our privacy feature gives you the opportunity to handle this information discreetly. You can share a professional assignment interface with clients and you decide exactly what clients see!

Data Security

Thanks to our cloud application platform Heroku, OpusPro benefits from first class data security and data integrity. In other words no one else can view your data and it is not at risk of being lost.

Here’s what our customers have to say about OpusPro

This is helping me with the organisation and structure of each search. I aim to build a business that will last.

Richard, Texas

We like OpusPro for the project management piece to keep everyone on task and moving towards quicker closure. For the client, seeing the whole search in it’s entirety gives the client assurance they are getting the value for it.

Heather, Boston

Opus Pro is a great tool that keeps clients engaged in the recruitment process, helping them to understand the impact of delayed decision making, right from the start of the process.

Daren, UK