Complete assignments in a profitable time frame

OpusPro is all about helping you serve your clients in a way that brings superior results for everyone. We have loads of great features that will help you plan and complete your search projects in a profitable time frame.

Set your search up for success

Plan every stage of your search from the client needs analysis right up to candidate appointment and post placement follow up. Track everything, big and small as the search progresses. Ensure every facet of your optimal search process is consistently covered using OpusPro.


Assign To Your Team, or to Clients

Assign tasks, set reminders and prioritise your tasks with OpusPro. Nothing gets overlooked - no excuses for anyone involved not knowing next steps on a search project.

Get Reminded

OpusPro lets you add reminders to any task in the process. You can set an automated email or mobile text message to be sent out to the person on a task to ensure they never forget what needs to be done.


Collaborate On Tasks. Get It Done Together

Work with your team and your clients on tasks to get them completed on time. Add checklists, tasks and messages to the exact stages they relate to. Mark tasks and stages as completed as you go and watch your assignment cross the line.


Deliver On Time

Visual milestones are easy to create and give your search project defined goals. You can see at a glance when each stage is due. If a stage runs over you will instantly see the warning alert. You can even use privacy settings to select whether clients see the milestones so they can work with you to stay on schedule.

See The Big Picture With the process workflow

We are the only executive recruitment software that enables you to visualise and bring to life your entire search process, making it easy for planning and problem solving (before it snowballs). You can easily create new workflow templates either directly from live assignments or from the template builder. You can even drag-drop to edit. Capture your optimal search process in a template and it will save time and pay dividends in all future assignments!


Team Management & Development

Keep recruiters on task and have them follow a defined process that you know works. Facilitate easy virtual team meetings and check-ins. Set new recruiters up for success and make high levels of performance accessible by creating best practice habits that can be replicated.

Here’s what our customers have to say about OpusPro

This is helping me with the organisation and structure of each search. I aim to build a business that will last.

Richard, Texas

We like OpusPro for the project management piece to keep everyone on task and moving towards quicker closure. For the client, seeing the whole search in it’s entirety gives the client assurance they are getting the value for it.

Heather, Boston

Opus Pro is a great tool that keeps clients engaged in the recruitment process, helping them to understand the impact of delayed decision making, right from the start of the process.

Daren, UK