Post 3: Linking Your Values To Your Recruitment Goals For Maximum Fulfillment

Post 3: Linking Your Values To Your Recruitment Goals For Maximum Fulfillment

“Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life”



Is it feasible to think that you might be able to go to your daily work as eagerly as you would depart for a holiday?

Referring again to the teachings of Dr Demartini, there is a simple way to achieve that, as follows,

“All you have to do is determine your highest, most inspiring values. Then you can align your work “duties” or job description with those values, prioritise your duties, and gradually delegate your lower priority duties away. Alternatively, you can reorganise your life in such a way that you can go and fulfil the career that you love”.

So in short, yes, you can operate in a place where you can’t wait to get up and do the work that you are inspired by.

I’ve had the privilege to speak to multiple seasoned executive recruiters who have found the vocation they love in doing what they do. These recruiters recognise that the activity of recruiting represents an expression of one or more of their highest values.

For those in the industry who haven’t yet found this, don’t despair. You can use the following technique to help achieve your goals whilst enhancing your ability to serve clients and candidates with greater value, ultimately reinforcing even better results.

Values in your career

If you are reading this series for the first time and wondering how we got to this point of highest values you’ll want to go back to Post 1 where we first introduced the concept; and Post 2 where we outlined how to determine your own highest values.

Once you know and understand your highest values you can immediately start to link your daily work more closely with them. And if you choose to do this “you’ll be rewarded by an immediate surge of inspiration, productivity, and effectiveness” as written about by Dr John Demartini.

Before we jump into the linking exercise it is worth highlighting some examples of the impact of values in your career. Below are some example cited in Dr Demartini’s book “The Values Factor”.


When your daily work is not aligned with your highest values…. When your daily work does align with your highest values…
You will probably need reminding to get your job done. You will be a self-starter, getting your job done without prodding.
You will probably be a worker more than a business leader. You will become more of a leader.
You will probably remain less inspired and unfulfilled at work. You will become inspired and engaged at work.
You will probably get less done in a day. You will get more done in a day.


Dr Demartini reassures us that, “your current job already has the potential to inspire and fulfill you. Even if your ultimate goal is to found your own business or start a new career, you will benefit enormously from deriving the maximum fulfillment from your current situation.”


The key question to ask yourself is,

“How specifically, is doing my current job duties going to help me fulfil my highest values?”


No matter whether you own the recruitment business or are an employee, everyone in the company can take a little time to look at how serving the company’s mission, vision and primary objectives helps them fulfil their own highest values.

Linking your values to work for fulfillment and goal achievement

Here we walk through an example for linking values to work. Read each step and refer to the corresponding section in the worked example table to build out the full picture. Then complete the exercise for yourself. I have also created a simple worksheet again that you can download, print and fill out.

Download your worksheet here

Step 1:

In column A List out everything you do at work, all the various tasks and responsibilities that form part of your end to end search/recruitment process and running of the business.

Step 2:

In column E list your company’s mission or vision statement. If you don’t have one write a few short sentences that capture the most important goals and values of the company. To provide an example I did a google search for example mission statements

A quick side note of interest: When google searching for example mission statements of search firms I discovered this fitting extract from an article on CHRO’s by Partner at Egon Zehnder,

“HR management can frequently act as an important catalyst in areas such as change management and the way in which the values and culture of the company find active expression – a critical function, as recent events have shown. A corporate culture in which values are declared in the mission statement but never put into practice can, as we have seen, have fatal consequences.”- Isabelle Langlois-Loris

Step 3:

Refer to the exercise you completed to determine your highest values in Post 2 and recall recall your top three. List them in Column C of the table. I have populated the table with 2 example values.

Step 4:

Link your job description/business responsibilities to your three highest values. For each activity or task write out 10-30 ways that performing that task will help you fulfil your three highest values. Enter the answers in short form into Column B.

Step 5:

Link your company’s mission statement or purpose to your three highest values. Answer the following question 10-30 times in Column D, “How specifically will fulfilling my company’s mission help me fulfil my three highest values and purpose?”


Worked example following these 5 steps:


Column A Column B Column C Column D Column E
Job responsibilities How Column A Helps Column C Your highest values How Column E helps fulfil Column C Company mission and vision
Interviewing candidates
1. By effectively finding, selecting and interviewing candidates I am moving closer to the next successful placement.
2. With each candidate interview I will be accumulating ever greater industry knowledge and refining my ability to serve my candidates and clients.
Example values that may have been revealed from the previous exercise:
Realising your potential in business
Examples of how fulfilling the company mission will help fulfil your own values:
1.To provide a superior service I will be challenged to operate as the best version of myself in each interaction and every day.
2. In striving to continuously add value to clients and candidates I will discover innovative ways to serve. This will lead to more repeat business and new business referrals.
Example mission statements:
By providing superior service, results, and value to our clients and candidates, we will be the most effective, innovative, and respected executive search firm, and a world leader in our industry. – Caldwell Partners
Briefing meetings with clients 1. By conducting effective client briefing meetings I will be setting my search up for greater probability of success and in an acceptable timeframe. This ultimately contributes to my fee revenue goal and by hitting that I will reward myself with a family adventure to do “chosen activity” in location XYZ.
2. In face to face interactions with clients I have the opportunity to identify and connect on a level of shared values for adventure. This could lead to further ideas and insights about new areas to explore and even help form a stronger relationship with my client.
Freedom to explore the world with your family 1. By authentically putting client interests first and creating measurable value for my clients I will, overtime, successfully complete more assignments. I will also win more business with less cold business development as my clients become my most powerful marketing channel. This will result in more business with less stress affording me both the time and the funds to take a 2 week trip to XYZ with my family. Place the interests of our clients first, and lead our profession in creating value for our clients. – Egon Zehnder


The Secret Sauce

“The secret to an inspiring and fulfilling life is doing what you love and loving what you do, and getting handsomely paid for it”. – Dr Demartini


By effectively linking our work to our highest values we can start to access extra resources within that help us fulfil these values. We’ve all heard of Attention Deficit Disorder, yes? Well we tend to have ADD for anything associated with our lower values.


On the flip side when the exercise above is at work we become highly attentive to anything associated with our highest values and as a result focus our perception, attention and intention to focus on those things. In other words we active Attention and Intention Surplus Order. It’s a very powerful thing. That’s what being in flow really is. 


A Closing note on being of service

Whilst each and every one of us has our own unique set of highest values, Demartini points out that we all share one key value that is in our nature, and that is to be of service. If you are of service in some way you are more likely to feel fulfilled. Search, Recruitment and Talent professionals are in a unique position to be of great service. The service provided by recruiters has the power to positively impact individual lives, businesses and have ripple effects well beyond the initial placement.


I’d love to hear if this post has been helpful in any way


Source credit: “The Values Factor” by Dr John Demartini

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