How to get an unfair edge and supercharge your recruitment business in 2016: Part 2

How to get an unfair edge and supercharge your recruitment business in 2016: Part 2



In our previous post about setting your recruitment business up for success we considered the lessons from why assignments fail. Now let’s look at some reasons why recruiters fail to achieve greater levels of success:

  • Managing the numerous elements of multiple search projects simultaneously is

overwhelming and your effective organisation slipped through the cracks

  • As an owner/manager you did not set new recruiters up for success from the outset with

a defined process and a mechanism to stay on task

  • The Client failed to “Sell” the candidate on the opportunity
  • The Candidate failed to “Sell” themselves to the client
  • You failed to determine and/or establish urgency with either party
  • The Candidate backed out of an offer because of relocation/family issues
  • The Client engaged with another recruiter to “increase their odds”
  • The Client saw no reason to function as a cooperative partner with you

Hang on I hear you say, many of these reasons surely point to external forces, not to me! Under closer inspection however, we all know the painful truth that search assignment failures are rarely the result of what we do, but more often the result of what we fail to do (HINT – it is often to do with personal discipline, inconsistency and oversights). The results listed above are either mistakes you recognise, or a reason to assign blame.

Top producers realise that the onus of leading the process is on them. They anticipate these events and take “unfair advantageous steps” to avert them.

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