How to get an unfair edge and supercharge your recruitment business in 2016 – Part 1

How to get an unfair edge and supercharge your recruitment business in 2016 – Part 1

How is your 2015 finishing up; Have you already smashed your billing targets? Are you tantalisingly close to hitting them? With only 33 working days until Christmas, we are getting to that time of year for reflection and preparing for a better 2016. We look at our accomplishments and achievements, we also look at our deficits and disasters to help figure out how to be better next year.

Wherever you stand, nearly every recruitment business owner, sole practitioner and recruiter would love to earn more than the previous year. With 2015 still fresh in your mind, it is a golden opportunity to reflect and capitalise on your unfair advantage. Doing the same in 2016 and maintaining hope is, as wisely defined, insanity. $1m plus billers are thinking ‘what can I do a little better?’ They achieve so much by adding every wise advantage possible.

If you’re wondering where do I start my self-review, look at the things you control such as best practices and process, and ask yourself how did they stack up against my ideal standards? Which assignments ran well and which ones didn’t, why not? What can I do better in 2016 that will ensure I get more of the results I want?

Very soon a lot of answers for setting up a great 2016 will come your way.

Until then, I invite you to consider some of the biggest reasons that search assignments fail:

  • Did you jump into a search without fully qualifying the project and laying the foundations for a successful search?
  • Did the search breakdown due to lack of client engagement and communication?
  • Did another recruiter beat you to it?
  • Did you fail to adjust to or were you unaware of changes during the search that required course correcting?
  • Did the client directly find the ideal candidate at the 11th hour?
  • A candidate fitting the exact specifications could not be found?
  • The candidate wouldn’t accept the offer?
  • Do you blame other external forces?

So, as you focus on finishing the year strong, do invest some time to consider these points and think about how you can set your business up for success next year. Stay tuned for more great insights on how to get an unfair advantage and supercharge your recruitment business in 2016…

To your success!

Tsen & Doug

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