Helping Recruiters hit their goals in 3 simple steps

Helping Recruiters hit their goals in 3 simple steps

“Know thyself, be thyself, love thyself”

-Greek proverb

We identified in post 1 that Recruiters, (along with many others), may not be hitting their goals due to one subtle but major reason – their goals are not congruent with their true highest values. We learned that unless your goals align with your highest values they have little probability of being realised. As John Demartini’s years of research and writings have revealed, this is because “you won’t mobilise the full power of physical, mental and spiritual resources to bring those goals about.”

So it makes sense that to access that power we must first understand what our highest values really are. This part is critical, it’s not the values of others that have been projected on to us over the years, or the values we think we should have to be a good person. Every single person has their own unique set of highest values and that is the starting point you need to find.

Once you have clarity on your highest values it can be the key to start unlocking your own inspired and fulfilling life.

Determine Your Values

The aim of this post is to share Dr Demartini’s step by step process for determining your highest values. Once these have been identified we can circle back and look at to how to link these specifically to your recruitment business goals.

Below are the steps you must follow to reveal your hierarchy of values. I have also made a simple one page worksheet that you can download and print out for convenience.
Download your worksheet here


Step 1:

Answer these 13 questions with 3 short examples for each


  1. How do you fill your personal or professional space?


  1. How do you spend your time?


  1. What energises you most?


  1. How do you spend your money?


  1. Where are you most ordered/organised?


  1. Where are you most reliable, disciplined and focused?


  1. What do you think about most?


  1. What do you envision or visualise most?


  1. What do you internally dialogue about most?


  1. What do you talk about most in social settings?


  1. What are you inspired about most?


  1. What do you set goals toward the most?


  1. What do you love to learn about most?


Step 2:

Identify the answers that repeat most often.

If you see a lot of repetition that’s a good thing. You might be expressing the same things in slightly different ways but count the total number of occurrences for each main answer.


Step 3:

Summarise and rank your values.

Count how often your answers appear and repeat then use that indicator to create a list of your

top 3-5 values with the most important value first.


Congratulations! You’ve just revealed your most important values. You can of course go back and revise these if the order doesn’t feel quite right. There are a few questions you can ask yourself to fine tune the hierarchy like, “when I have a choice between the first and second on the list, which do I most often choose”? And there you have it, these highest values determine your daily perceptions, decisions and actions.



If you do want to identify your true highest values and reap the subsequent benefits, you have to fully complete the exercise. Simply reading it won’t suffice.


Here’s what Dr Demartini states about knowing and understanding your highest values:


“you have the opportunity and power to reshape your life to ensure that your goals, your actions, your relationships, your career, and your values all align”.


I can’t speak for everyone but I’d like to think that this IS a big deal, it certainly is for me.



  • Once you’ve completed the exercise start to take notice of how you view the various elements of recruiting and how certain aspects align with your values more closely than others.
  • Think about how can use this awareness in business to access more of your physical and mental resources to enhance your performance, and to better serve your candidates/clients.
  • Think about how you can use your understanding of values to better understand your clients and candidates. By helping them fulfil their highest values you will naturally start to add huge value which ultimately will filter down into fees.

If this is striking a chord, then look out for Post 3 where I’ll be linking this back to how recruiters can use this to achieve their goals.

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