Enhancing client collaboration and project management for more successful search assignments

Our Mission

is to bring Executive Recruiters and their clients closer together in partnership for mutually beneficial outcomes.


Our Approach

is to build simple and intuitive software that facilitates a collaborative search process with clients and optimizes assignment management.


Our Purpose

is to provide Executive Recruiters with the tools that facilitate a smooth search process and ultimately happy clients.

Tsen is a former Executive Recruiter with over seven years experience serving clients in the UK. Tsen is passionate about helping Executive Recruiters and their Clients work in true partnership, where conditions are in place that facilitate an optimal search process.

With a desire to create value for others through software, Tsen started the 2014 year as an experienced Executive Recruiter without a business idea. One thing he did know was that any offering he would bring into the world had to be based on real industry challenges and needs. Tsen spent months conducting in-depth research with Executive Recruiters to understand the biggest pain points in their business and identify common themes amongst the highly successful. His findings were distilled and analysed alongside industry body research on client perspectives of Executive Search. OpusPro was created in response to the common need and opportunity to facilitate greater transparency and collaboration between clients and their Executive Recruitment partners. Click here to subscribe to Tsen’s mailing list