A major reason why many Recruiters are not hitting their goals

A major reason why many Recruiters are not hitting their goals

“The most meaningful thing anyone can do is fulfill their highest values”

– Dr John Demartini


Did you know that the human brain organises itself to fulfill your highest values? When your goals are congruent with your highest values you will have a dramatically increased probability of achievement and an increased sense of self worth. However the opposite is also true, so confidence and likelihood of success will go down if goals are not congruent with your highest values.

(Of course, the title of this post applies to everyone, not just Recruiters.)


I had the privilege of spending the last weekend learning directly from Dr Demartini himself, an internationally renowned researcher and educator in the field of human behaviour. As I sit here reviewing and organising my notes I feel compelled to draw out and share this piece of wisdom with the Recruiting community.


Where goals fall down

Let’s start with a simple example of typical goals that are set every New Year –  the majority of people set ‘temporary’ goals that they often don’t achieve and it is because those goals are probably not directly related to their own personal highest values. Instead they are probably the values of others projected on to them (ie by people they know or by society). For example, in January one might decide they ‘should’ join a gym and lose x amount of weight, or get a promotion etc etc.


On the other hand, if you set goals that are directly related to your highest values you will go after them with a more objective mind and be more resilient. So whether attaining the goal brings pain or pleasure, you will embrace it in pursuit of the goal. (HINT- this makes all the difference)


Look for the clues

There are warning words in our language that will help identify areas that are not in our area of highest values.

“How can you tell you are living somebody else’s values? A reliable clue is when you hear yourself saying “should”, “ought to”, “have to”, and “need to” ie

I should stay in this job

I have to get to work now

I ought to work harder at…

I need to hit this deadline

I have got to go to work”

-Dr J Demartini


At the other end of the scale, I am sure there are times in your life when you can remember being so engrossed in a project that you were fully engaged, innovative and fulfilled to the point where may have forgotten to eat for a while.

BUT, when you are disengaged in a project, you will clock watch and look for distractions. 

Breaks are a bi-product of disengagement. This may sound controversial but it’s the truth. Yes you need biological breaks but not necessarily mind breaks. Sir Isaac Newton would regularly work for 3 days in a row with no break when inspired.

I imagine there may be some who read this and think, “hang on, there will always be things you “ought to, have got to, need to…do” in a recruiter’s day in order to get the job done”. Yes there will be, however there are techniques that change the perspective on these, or deal with them differently, to your benefit.

Here’s a suggestion -how can you/your team start to link your goals and the many associated tasks more closely to your/your company’s highest values?

OK, now what?

As part of my ongoing goal to help Recruiters become the best version of themselves, I wanted to share this insight so that those who are interested can further explore ways to make this phenomenon work for them.

The purpose of this post was not to provide a silver bullet solution, but rather to shine a little scientific light on something that affects us all, and in doing so expose more people to the possibility of a more fulfilling approach.

I also believe that insights like these can enhance a Recruiter’s ability to really understand a client’s requirements and in turn, select the most fitting person for the role.

If you are interested to explore this further then look out for my follow up posts where I will outline how you can identify your own highest values and then link them to your work for greater fulfillment and results.

And if you can’t wait for the next post, start reading Dr Dermartini’s book The Values Factor


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